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To the excellent staff of Hastings Reference Library and the East Sussex Record Office at The Keep, Falmer, East Sussex.

To members of the Pub History Society; the late John Hodges, the late Terry Huggins and Steve ‘the beermeister ‘for sharing their pub research and also to the following, who have contributed pub memories and family histories: Betty Austin, the late Charles Banks, Vic Chalcraft, Joseph Collins, Luanne Collins, Alan Crouch, Jim Davidson, Julian Deeprose, the late Pat Dunn, Sonja Eveleigh, Michael Errey, the late Ron Fellows, Gerry Foster, Alan Garaty, Marie Garaty, Trefor Holloway, the late Minnie Howlett, Tony Howlett, Philip Littlejohn, Steve M, Dot Mitchell, Michael Monk, Cyril Pelluet, Tommy Read and Michael Rose.  


The majority of  photographs are by Lynda Russell and the late John Hodges with a substantial contribution by the late Terry Huggins. Other photographs and illustrations have been donated by Patrick Chaplin, Joseph and Luanne Collins, the late Ron Fellows, Alan and Marie Garaty, Tony Howlett, Brian Laws, Philip Littlejohn, Roger Povey, Tommy Read and Arthur Taylor.

This collection has been supplemented by photographs donated anonymously.

The exhibition by Noel Bucknole of The Marina Inn and James Gray’s drawings have been featured separately.


September 2019



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